Lumbar Corpectomy


This procedure is performed to relieve the pain caused when diseased or damaged vertebrae bone blocks and pinches nerve roots. It also corrects spinal column deformities. During this procedure, the patient is positioned on his right side. The surgery is performed through the patient’s left side.

Lumbar Corpectomy

A lumbar corpectomy and fusion is a special type of spinal decompression and fusion procedure that utilizes an anterolateral (flank or side of the body incision – through the abdominal region) approach to remove bone and tissue that is causing compression of the spinal cord and nerves. However, in order to do so generally involves removing nearly the entire vertebral body and disc, which must be replaced with a piece of bone graft and mended (fused) together to maintain stability. A small metal plate with screws may also be used to add additional stability.



A lumbar corpectomy is performed to relive pain caused when diseased or damaged bone blocks and pinches the spinal cord. It can also be performed to correct spinal deformities.  Call us today to visit with one of our spine specialists to see if you’re a candidate for this procedure.