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Advantages of Having a Pain Management Doctor for Spine Condition

pain management doctor

Advantages of Having a Pain Management Doctor for Spine Condition

Whether you have sustained a severe injury that is causing pain, developed sudden, acute pain, or have been dealing with chronic pain caused by a medical condition, you are well aware of the debilitating effects of pain on the human body.

If this pain is not managed or kept under control, it can easily and quickly overwhelm any patient and even begin to affect other systems within their bodies. Issues like nerve pain can also lead to concerns over bowel or bladder control and the development of pain in other areas.

Pain management is something that seems fairly simple. Still, it is quite complex, and it takes great skill and training to become a pain management doctor who assists patients with severe pain throughout their bodies. Most pain management doctors work out of a pain clinic where patients can be treated through various techniques and learn to continue managing pain at home.

At New York Spine Specialist, we have a specialized team dedicated to pain management. Through the non-narcotic interventional pain management programs, our pain management specialists will work with you to keep your pain under control so that you can return to your everyday life without worrying about the effects of chronic pain holding you back.

What Are Pain Management Doctors?

Pain management doctors take into account the medical procedures in your treatment plan and help you work through the pain that may still be lingering from a chronic or acute condition. Pain specialists use more than just pain medicine to reduce the effects of pain, and they partner with you so that you can control the pain you are feeling.

When you visit a pain management specialist at New York Spine Specialist, We will evaluate your level of pain and work to diagnose the root cause of the discomfort. Our pain management team can work with patients suffering from such issues as chronic headaches, rheumatoid arthritis pain, pain resulting from a nerve injury or stroke, and back pain from tissue damage.

Every patient’s wishes for their chronic pain will differ slightly, but our pain management doctors know that pain relief is a common desire. Through our non-invasive and non-narcotic techniques, our pain doctors can help those dealing with difficult pain disorders get the pain relief they need.

How Do Pain Management Doctors Manage Pain?

There are several ways that specialists at pain management clinics can provide relief for their patients, depending on the individual situations of each patient. It may be enough for some people to use certain pain medication types, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants. These experienced pain management doctors may also suggest using nerve blocks, physical therapy, spinal injections, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators to relieve pain.

Suppose pain medications are not desired or have not been effective. In that case, other pain management techniques include treatment options such as radiofrequency ablation, where heat is used to prevent pain signals from being transmitted from the nerves to the brain.

Still, other patients may need less conservative options, such as the implantation of a pain pump or spinal cord stimulator. When you need chronic pain treated in the spinal cord, these are a couple of very effective options.

Benefits of a Pain Management Doctor for Chronic Pain in the Spinal Cord

Patients can see pain management doctors on an outpatient basis, so the treatment options are usually quite conservative and non-invasive. In addition, there are a variety of other great advantages to patients who enlist the assistance of a chronic pain management doctor. These include:

  • Training in and knowledge of a wide array of chronic pain conditions
  • Certification from the American Chronic Pain Association
  • Completion of a physical exam and diagnostic tests to ensure they are treating pain at its root cause
  • Latest, most advanced pain management equipment and techniques
  • Knowledge of many different methods to treat pain and keep track of its progression, such as the use of a pain journal
  • Network of other physicians and counselors for specific treatments such as physical therapy or psychological support
  • Discussion of a customized treatment plan that incorporates an individual patient’s desires and belief system

Contact the pain management doctors at New York Spine Specialist if you are dealing with chronic pain from a medical condition or direct tissue injury. We understand how pain problems can affect your overall well-being and lifestyle, so we work diligently to provide the relief you need for the types of pain you are enduring.

A pain management doctor from New York Spine Specialist will evaluate patients and recommend the best action to manage and reduce pain as quickly and effectively as possible. Contact the New York Spine Specialist experts if you feel the pain that does not seem to be getting relieved.


Contact New York Spine Specialist to Learn More About Our Procedures for Pain Management for Spine Condition

When you have an ailment, sickness, or injury, you may make an appointment to visit your primary care doctor. However, when you need a specialist, especially when it comes to spine care, New York Spine Specialist is here for you.

Our surgeons and specialists have the knowledge, skills, and training to provide you with the best treatment options using the most state-of-the-art equipment available. We are dedicated to helping you find relief from pain when you need it the most to get back to your everyday life.

Many patients will try to manage pain independently, which is usually not fruitful. You need a New York Spine Specialist professional like ours to implement lifestyle and dietary changes and pain management techniques. Our board-certified pain management doctors accept workers’ compensation, no-fault, and other health insurance plans. Call today to discuss your chronic pain with a pain management doctor.