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Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy in NY

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Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy in NY

Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy in NY

A lot of people have experienced spine-related back problems in their lives. For some, it is part of their life, and they have sought relief from various doctors. Unfortunately, surgery and drugs have been over-advised to people experiencing back problems.

Spinal decompression therapy, also known as non-surgical spinal decompression, could be the right solution for people experiencing back problems. The biggest advantage of spinal decompression therapy is that it is surgery-free and safe to treat injuries in the lower back and neck.

Here are the more benefits of spinal decompression therapy.

Short recovery time

Unlike spinal surgery that keeps you bedridden for a couple of weeks, spinal decompression therapy saves all that. When you visit your doctor, all he does is relieve pressure in the spine and relieve back pain. As a result, you can walk out feeling even better than you walked in.

You wouldn’t need physical therapy after spinal decompression therapy. This therapy relieves a lot of pain, saving you the need to visit the chiropractor more often.

Safe for all ages

All ages are safe to undergo spinal decompression. Many patients have age limitations on other types of medication. Often, a lot of medication favors young people. Age is not a limiter in spinal decompression therapy.

Whether you’re in younger or older years, you don’t have to worry about non-surgical spinal decompression. There should be no cause of alarm as long as you’re in the hands of a licensed chiropractor. You will experience little to no pain since spinal decompression is meant to relieve the pressure on your spine.

It’s only considered not applicable to a few people with underlying physical challenges in the spine. For example, people with tumors, fractures, or metal implants within the spine are advised not to have spinal decompression therapy.


Many people fear seeking medical treatment because of the medication that comes with it. Be sure when seeking chiropractic care regarding spinal decompression therapy, you’ll be free of any medication.

Spinal decompression therapy gives natural pain relief, unlike spinal surgery, where you have to cover the pain using painkillers. Non-surgical decompression eradicates the pain by dealing with the source of the pain.


If you suffer from back and neck pain, spinal decompression therapy could be the right deal for you. It provides you with relief without the need for medical treatments and invasive surgeries. Many people get relief immediately after their first visit to the chiropractic clinic. You don’t have to think about failed back surgery.

Quick procedure

You don’t need to worry about the long queues found in hospitals. Walk into our premises, and within an hour, you’ll be free to leave feeling a lot better than when you came in. Spinal decompression therapy doesn’t take as long as it might seem. The almost pain-free procedure is not time-consuming at all.


Decompression therapy is very comfortable. You are well strapped to a motorized table approved by the FDA. This table provides distraction forces to the spine giving a good stretch to your spine.

You might feel a little bit sore, but this soreness is attributed to the healing process, like bruises which become big before the pain dies down immensely.

Reliefs a lot of back problems

Decompression therapy helps in relieving back and neck pain. Here are some of the back complications that spinal decompression helps:

A worn spinal joint

A three-joint complex connects the vertebrae in your spine. The complex is made up of two facet joints and a large intervertebral disc. Under continuous, repetitive motion, your facet joints may wear down or slip. Both conditions are under the facet syndrome.

Facet syndrome causes your facet to become stiff and sore. Sufferers of these conditions complain of pain after long periods of inactivity. The pain becomes worse after waking up from a long night’s sleep.

Therapy from a chiropractor is a good alternative to treat this. Decompression helps create more room in the facet joints. In most patients, this alone relieves a lot of pain. Eventually, after a little more treatments, you get used to this. It regards this as a normal state. In the long run, your pain diminishes not short term but while but for a week.


Sciatica is pain that radiates along the path of your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve passes through your hips and buttocks down to your legs. Commonly this pain is experienced on one side of your body.

It mostly occurs when you get a bone spur that pushes on this nerve. It may also be caused by narrowing of the spine. Sciatica causes muscle weakness in your leg or bowel and causes bladder problems. Mild cases of Sciatica die down with time but if the symptoms worsen, consider getting chiropractic advice.

Non-surgical spinal decompression causes relief for sufferers of Sciatica, especially herniated discs. Back decompression makes discs go back to their original shape and reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve. Bone spurs may also behave the same way depending on where it is located.

Pinched nerve

A pinched nerve is basically caused by a lack of space in your body. For example, a herniated disc can cause this condition when they protrude and press on the nerve. Spinal decompression relieves this pressure and reduces the pain signals.

What goes on during spinal decompression therapy?

The treatment protocol is not complex. When in back or neck decompression therapy, you are fully clothed. The doctor fits you with a harness all over your trunk and pelvis. Then, you lay on your back or stomach on a computed table. According to your needs, the chiropractor controls the table. It takes 30-45 minutes for a session. It will take you an average of 20 sessions for 5 to 7 weeks to complete this treatment.

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